Data Management in Complex Systems

This is an article from DZone’s 2022 Database Systems Trend Report. For more: Read the Report It is somewhat of a cliché to consider the data in your systems as far more valuable than the actual applications that compose it. Those applications are updated, mutated, retired, and replaced, but the data persists. For many enterprises, […]

Architecture of Kubernetes

We are going to discuss things related to Kubernetes architecture in this blog. Prerequisites Basic Understanding of Cloud. Basic Understanding of Docker. Kubernetes Kubernetes is the Container Management Orchestration Tool which Google develops for managing their own microservices across the different clusters. Kubernetes, also called K8s, basically is Numeronym Standard that is used since the […]

Data Management Patterns for Microservices

This is an article from DZone’s 2022 Database Systems Trend Report. For more: Read the Report One of the key components of microservices is how to manage and access data. The means to do that are different compared to traditional monolithic or three-tier applications. Some patterns are quite common, but others are specific and need […]

Why You Should Be Deploying Postgres on Kubernetes

Running a Postgres installation is trivial. However, setting up a production environment is a whole different matter. The main reason is that Postgres is not by itself a production-ready software, it requires a set of side tools to complement its functionality such as connection pooling, monitoring, backup tools, high availability management… In this talk, Álvaro […]

Turn Your App into a Handy Health Assistant

Personalized health records and visual tools have been a godsend for digital health management, giving users the tools to conveniently track their health on their mobile phones. From diet to weight and fitness and beyond, storing, managing, and sharing health data has never been easier. Users can track their health over a specific period of […]

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