Linux could be a fantastic choice for your next cloud server. Imagine you can benefit from an up-to-date and fully-loaded operating system on a 90s hardware configuration of 512 MB and 1-core CPU. Apart from technical benefits, it is the cheapest option to have, so you may have decided to run your services on it. Although connecting to a server just using a single line command, you are keeping it secure could be a bit tricky. I will go through what you need to take some essential considerations for tackling common security risks with server hardening.

Choosing a Distro to Start

Unlike Windows and macOS, Linux is a family of open-source operating systems, and many different distros have been published. Some of the most popular Linux distros are Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Mint, etc. However, from a high-level point of view, there are two major families of distros: Red Hat-based and Debian-based.

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