In a recent project, I worked with a client who was managing over 100 accounts and recently adopted AWS Control Tower. Despite this, I noticed that the management of CIDR ranges was still a manual process and all IP ranges were being tracked through an Excel sheet in a centralized location. This approach proved to be a significant challenge, as it required a considerable amount of effort to maintain, calculate, and reclaim IP addresses every time. This was especially challenging for new IT team members who joined the IT operations team.

AWS provides a powerful solution for managing IP addresses in your cloud environment through its IPAM (Internet Protocol Address Management) service. AWS IPAM allows you to automate IP address allocation and management, track IP address usage, and detect potential IP address conflicts. In addition to these features, AWS IPAM can be used in conjunction with AWS Control Tower to manage IP addresses across multiple accounts and VPCs in a centralized, standardized way. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of AWS IPAM with Control Tower and discuss some best practices for using these services effectively.

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