In this tutorial, we will explore how to automate database operations using Ansible and DbVisualizer. Ansible is a powerful automation tool that allows you to define and manage infrastructure as code, while DbVisualizer is a feature-rich database management tool that enables you to interact with various databases. By combining these two tools, Ansible automates repetitive database tasks and streamlines your workflows, while DbVisualizer helps you visualize your database during the process. We will cover the installation and configuration of Ansible and DbVisualizer and demonstrate how to automate common database operations using Ansible playbooks.


Basic knowledge of databases and SQL.
Familiarity with Ansible concepts and syntax.
Access to a target database server.
Python 3.7 or later
PyMySQL installed using pip install PyMySQL

We’ll start by telling you a couple of things about Ansible and then tell you how to automate your database operations. Follow along!

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