This article describes steps to automate AWS Aurora Global Database services using Cloud Formation, Lambda, and State Function. It also provides detailed steps to create a Global Database with sample code snippets.  Some of the features detailed in the article are: 

Overview of Aurora Global Database
Creating an RDS Global Database 


Amazon Aurora Global Database is designed for globally distributed cloud applications in AWS. It provides high availability and database resiliency by way of its ability to fail over to another AWS region. It allows a database to span multiple regions (AWS limits regions to a maximum of six), and it consists of one primary and up to five secondary regions in a global database cluster. Primary region can perform read and write operations, whereas the secondary region can perform read operations only. The way AWS facilitates this feature is by activating writer endpoints in the primary region and deactivating writer endpoints in secondary regions. Furthermore, Aurora replicates data from primary region to secondary regions, usually under a second.

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