Amid the realm of logic and structured thought, architects, much like the mythical creatures of old, harbor a shadowy underside. Like the ancient legends where heroes have their flaws and palaces haunted chambers, architectural designs, no matter how splendid, possess pitfalls and lurking dangers. The illustrious facades of our software edifices can sometimes obscure the eerie passages and cobwebbed corners inherent within. Like everybody, architects have a dark side, a realm where patterns and practices, if not wielded with caution, can spiral into chilling tales of system horrors. In this paper, we shall venture into this enigmatic domain, shedding light on the specters that haunt our architectural decisions and understanding how to exorcise the demons that threaten our digital sanctuaries.

Multi-Tenant: The Haunted Mansion

The Overcrowded Ghost Party

Not separating tenant data appropriately can lead to data leaks between tenants, potentially violating data protection laws.

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