When most people think of Santa Clara, they immediately think of the San Francisco 49ers, as that is where their stadium sits. They might also think of California’s Great America, an amusement park that has been keeping folks entertained since the 1970s. Given how many tech companies have headquarters there, including Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, and Nvidia, many people think of it as an important part of Silicon Valley. For a few thousand who gathered there in late October, it will always be associated with API and AI advancements, thanks to API World 2023

This year’s event was colocated with AI Dev World, bringing together practitioners from both highly related realms. It makes sense as the largest innovations in the artificial intelligence and large learning model, LLM, space over the last few years have involved API integrations to services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and IBM Watson. It seems that developing any AI means also means building and maintaining an API as well. 

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