API governance refers to the set of policies, procedures, and practices that organizations adopt to ensure the effective management and control of their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). A well-designed API governance framework helps organizations to establish guidelines and best practices for developing, deploying, and managing APIs. It provides a structured approach to API development and helps ensure consistency in the APIs that are offered to internal and external stakeholders. Effective API governance also helps organizations to identify and mitigate risks associated with APIs, such as security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and performance concerns. By implementing API governance best practices, organizations can optimize their API portfolio, improve collaboration across teams, and increase the value derived from their API investments.

The diagram illustrates the various components that make up an API governance framework. At the center of the diagram is the API governance board, which is responsible for overseeing and managing the governance process. The board is made up of representatives from different business units and technology teams within the organization.

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