OpenAI has recently launched a new version of ChatGPT which now allows plugins inside ChatGPT. These plugins can be added directly to the chatbot, providing it with access to a wide range of knowledge and information from its third-party partners through the APIs. ChatGPT plugins can extend its functionality and enhance its capabilities to access up-to-date information such as research travel costs, find out discount information, or help you book flights and order food. You can also build your own plugin that allows ChatGPT to call your API data intelligently.

Yes, that’s right! To make your data accessible through a ChatGPT custom plugin, ChatGTP requires you to build a new API or use an existing one that can be used to query it and receive its responses. Then it generates a user-friendly answer by combining the API data and its natural language capabilities. In this case, API Gateway can help with improving security, usability, and efficiency. This post explores how API Gateway can be beneficial for ChatGPT plugin developers to expose, secure, manage, and monitor their API endpoints.

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