GoCD is a popular Java CI/CD solution with a large range of users, from NGOs to Fortune 500 companies, with billions of dollars in revenue. Naturally, this makes it a critical piece of infrastructure and an extremely attractive target for attackers. In a previous article, Agent 007: Pre-Auth Takeover of Build Pipelines in GoCD, the SonarSource R&D team demonstrated how unauthenticated attackers could impersonate build agents and access features that were previously protected by authentication mechanisms (CVE-2021-43287), leading to the disclosure of credentials and sensitive tokens for third-party services. 

In this follow-up article, I describe three additional vulnerabilities discovered and responsibly disclosed by the SonarSource R&D team in GoCD 21.2.0 and below. First, a vulnerability that can be used by attackers impersonating build agents to force administrators to perform security-sensitive actions without their knowledge (CVE-2021-43288). Then, two additional vulnerabilities could be chained, with the first one fully compromising the targeted instance by executing arbitrary commands (CVE-2021-43286, CVE-2021-43289) on the server hosting GoCD. These findings are already addressed by the latest release of GoCD: this article aims to share the root cause analysis and insights on how they could be exploited. 

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