The history of DevOps is definitely worth reading in a few good books about it. On that topic, “The Phoenix Project,” self-characterized as “a novel of IT and DevOps,”  is often mentioned as a must-read. Yet for practitioners like myself a more hands-on one is “The DevOps Handbook” (which shares Kim as author in addition to Debois, Willis, and Humble) that recounts some of the watershed moments around the evolution of software engineering and provides good references around implementation. This book actually describes how to replicate the transformation explained in the Phoenix Project and provides case studies.

In this brief article, I will use my notes on this great book to regurgitate a concise history of DevOps, add my personal experience and opinion, and establish a link to Cloud Development Environments (CDEs), i.e., the practice of providing access to and running, development environments online as a service for developers.

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