Ethereum has experienced dazzling growth in recent years. According to YCharts, the programmable blockchain now has approximately 220 million unique addresses. Linked to the increase in users is an explosion in the number of dApps. Global companies and startups across finance, sales, HR, accounting, supply chain, and manufacturing are using dApps to streamline processes and onboard new customers. Multiple frameworks exist that simplify the dApp development process for Web2 developers, who want to participate in Web3. This post examines four of the most popular. But first, what is a dApp?

What Is dApp?

A dApp, or decentralized application, is serverless software that runs on a decentralized network and uses a programmable blockchain for security, transparency, and immutability. A dApp combines smart contracts with a frontend user interface (HTML5, React, Angular). DApps can be used in a variety of industries and services, from social media to supply-chain management, payment tracking, complaint resolution, and all manner of accounting and (decentralized) financial services.

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