Speed has become the new currency in this fast-paced digital world. Customers expect services to be delivered at high speed, and businesses that meet this demand have a significant edge in the market. And DevOps has empowered businesses to deliver software at speed. However, this speed should not come at the cost of quality. The code has to perform as per the business expectations. Random defects, obtuse errors, and poor user experience are detrimental to businesses that aspire to stay competitive in the market. By ensuring high code quality, businesses can improve their bottom line, provide a better experience for their customers, and thrive in the market. So, how can you ensure the high quality of your code? This is where Code Quality Metrics come in. 

In this blog, we shall discuss the importance of code quality metrics, why developers need to track them, and how you can improve code quality, among other things. Let’s start with code quality: 

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