As with many engineering problems, there are many ways to build RESTful APIs. Most of the time, when building RESTful APIs, engineers prefer to use frameworks. API frameworks provide an excellent platform for building APIs with most of the components necessary straight out of the box. In this post, we will explore the 10 most popular REST API frameworks for building web APIs. These frameworks span multiple languages and varying levels of complexity and customization. First, let’s dig into some key factors in deciding which framework to begin building with.

How To Pick an API Framework

The first factor in choosing an API framework is usually deciding which language you want to work in. For many projects, depending on the organization you work with or your experience, choices may be limited. The usual recommendation is to go with a language you are already familiar with since learning a new language and a new framework can lead to less-than-optimal implementations. If you’re already familiar with the language, your main focus can be on understanding the framework and building efficiently.

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